Insulting the Flight Attendant

After calling the flight attendant a bitch for giving him warm beer, Ted would find he would be in a for a different ride this flight. She had newly acquired magic powers and was dying to try them out on someone. She turned Tad into a woman instantly and his smile from the insult quickly faded once he realized he had boobs, long blue fingernails, long hair, and a different feeling groin area.

“Your shift starts in fifteen, bitch, best get back and get dressed, and yes skirts, hose, and heels are required,” said the attendant as Ted began to freak out.

“If you don’t do this, you’ll be this way the rest of your days,” added the attendant.

When a pervert reached over and touched Ted on his smaller arm, he got up right away, and as he walked to the back to change reluctantly, he realized for some reason he was getting jealous of some of the chicks and found some of the men attractive on the flight. He needed to get through this flight quickly, but then again the attendant Lynn had no intention of ever changing him back after seeing how much of a good job he did so he would get changed back. She thought that after all they were short on flight attendants as it was, and he was so good, even better than her maybe, so why mess with a good thing. Plus once she had him join the mile high club with the pilot Andrew, she knew that Tad would never want to go back to being a man anyway. So on that day, Tiffany the Attendant was born.


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