New Soap

I got home after a hard day working and decided to take a shower. ” Honey , I’ll be right out after washing this dirt off! “. I heard her say something about don’t use her soap but I don’t listen to her.
I got the water just right and got in . I was letting the shower just run down me when I started looking for some soap to wash with. I just grabbed the closest one I could find and started lathering up. It really felt good! The more I scrubbed the better I felt! What I didn’t realize was the soap I grabbed was hers. It is called FemForever!
As I kept washing my body was going through changes that I didn’t realize until it was too late! “Honey!!! I said in my now very feminine voice-” come here ! I have a little problem! “. When she opened up the door to the shower this is what she saw…


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