(Cotjq-3)Who is the master now?

I could not believe that John forced me to run around almost naked with huge tits.
Inside I was very angry, but always when he was near me my Jeannie self took control and whom I was in control I could not even leave my anger out on his things because otherwise my Jeannie self also took control. So I tried to use his wishes against him but so far I have not succeeded.

Till today.
Today, John was not doing well, so he wanted to be healthy again. I also fulfilled the wish.
John: “Jeannie, you’re never going to be sick?”
Jeannie: “No, my body is completely immune to any kind of illness or other physical infirmities since my body does not age.”
John: “I wish I had a body like yours who does not age and does not get sick.”
Jeannie: “That’s how it should be.”

John was surprised because he did not want to wish something. Time stopped and he began to transform.
Only I could move freely.

First he shrank to my height, so I could see him right in the eye.
Next, his face deformed until it looked exactly like mine. His hair became black and long. I wanted to see what was next, so I tore his clothes from his body. I could see how his muscles became smaller and his waist get wider and wider. He looked almost like a woman just his penis and his men’s chest was still that of a man. But that should change. His penis disappeared into his body and a vagina remained. His breasts began to grow bigger until he had just like me cup size I. It was no wonder, because his body was a copy of my body. Finally, his clothes on the ground turned into a mini skirt of gold and silver chains, a golden bikini decorated with. The new clothes went by themselves to the still naked John. The time started to run again.

John noticed somthing was wrong and quickly ran to the next mirror.
John: “Jeannie what did you do, reverse this immediately!!!”
This time, my Jeannie self did not gain control and I could speak: “I will not John.”
John: “Do what your master wants from you and give me my body back!!!”
Me: “You’re no longer my master, you wanted a body that is like mine.
And now you have that, only with the difference that you are not a jinn like me but my personal sex slave who will live with me in the bottle as long as I have no master. “

As soon as I had finished the sentence we both disappeared in the bottle.
John fell in the bottle immediately on the floor and looked at me unconsciously.
That did not matter to me, he get what he deserved. I hoped that it would take some time until I got a new master, I wanted to give the commands as long as possible.


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