A Mind of Their Own

I had listened to my friend, Kathryn, when she said we should go see the witch down on Thirtieth Street. “She can grant any wish!” she had said, and she was right, but at the time I didn’t believe in that nonsense.
So when we found the “witch”, we each said our wish. Kath had wished for a boyfriend. I should’ve seen that one coming. I decided to wish for the most ridiculous thing I could think of.
I had always been sort of…chubby. I always thought I was kind of sexy, but being completely flat chested made others think a bit differently. I mean, what kind of chubby girl doesn’t have tits? So that’s what I wished for: bigger breasts.
But I added something else. I thought the whole thing was stupid, so I added one tiny regretful line at the end of my wish: I wished they would grow with a mind of their own.
I just meant I wanted them to grow fast, and they did, what I didn’t expect was for each of my boobs to literally have a mind of their own.
So now I stand in my room, looking into my mirror. Completely naked, except for the thong around my lower area. My nipples were big and dark, a consequence of the transformation. I reached up and squeezed one, and heard in my head:
“Mm… Now give me a pinch…” my right tit moaned.
“Hey, what about me? Give a girl some love!” my left shouted at me.
“Quiet! Or I’ll start sleeping on my stomach again!” I threatened. They shut up after that. At least for a while, I knew they were going to be going at it again soon enough. I’m just glad they’re the only parts of my body I wished could talk, and they do look pretty fantastic.


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