Fullfilling his wishes (Rhea 4)

Not too long ago, I was a man, but ever since I made my first wish my life completely changed. I went from being a man, into a 30 something woman, then an eighteen year old, and now, for some unknown reason, I am a genie. “What happened to Rhea?” I asked my master. To which he looked at me with some confusion, “what are you talking about? you are Rhea”. I was even more confused, there was no way I was her, I was Amy, I had to tell him, “Of course I am Rhea” I said outloud. This was annoying, I couldn’t even tell him who I really was. After thinking about it, I came up with another question, “Let me put it this way master, why do I look like your old girlfriend Amy?”. He looked kind of mad, “you are boring me with your questions” he said, “go back to your lamp”. “Yes master” I said as I became a cloud of pink smoke. I felt myself enter the lamp.

Once inside, I started crying, I was trapped as Rhea for a full year. After a few minutes, I realized everything looked different from inside the lamp. Time and space was not important anymore, and I was always looking at my master. Just looking at him was orgasmic. I started to get wet. “Maybe this won’t be so bad” I thought.

I saw master grab the lamp and rub it. It felt like he had touched me, I immidiately came out of the lamp. “Rhea, you seem to miss the old you. I wish for you to go back to your Rhea body” he said, and after saying wish granted, I transformed myself into the hot blonde Rhea was. I saw master get an erection, I knew he wanted me. And I was already cumming from granting master’s wish. “Rhea, I wish you to have sex with me again. But this time make sure you come several times” he said.

This time it was great. I felt his thing thrusting inside of me, my pussy throbing from excitement. While we were having sex I realized I was successfully enjoying being Rhea. Maybe being John’s slave isn’t so bad. Then I remembered I will only stay as her for a year, and the truth is I didn’t want to go back. I looked at John’s eyes, I knew he was looking at my piercing hazel eyes while I moaned. “I must find a way to stay as her forever” I thought. Little did I know this was John’s plan all along.


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