More Three shared wishes

A genie came out of a cloud of pink smoke as we rubbed the magic lamp. “I am Genieve, I am a genie, and I can grant you three wishes total. Since you John, found the lamp, you can have the first wish. Tom, you can have the second one, and you Mike, you can have the last wish”.

We discused about it for a little while, “maybe we should share all the wishes” I said. “Or we could have one wish each and that’s it” Tom proposed. “Don’t be stupid, it would be better if we wished the same thing for all of us, that way with one wish we can all be rich” Mike said and we all nodded.

“So we all agree” I said, “I’ll go first: I wish for the three of us to be wealthy”. “Wish granted” Genieve said. In no time, a big pile of money, jewelry and gold appeared in our appartment. “Your turn” I told Tom. He thought about it for a couple of minutes, “what’s next after money? sex right?” he asked us. “I wish all women felt attracted to us”, to which Genieve said with a big smile on her face “Wish granted”. Apparently nothing happened, but just to test it out I looked outside the window and said hello to Amy, our next door neighbor, to much of my surprise she sent me a kiss.

“Ok, Mike, the last wish is yours, wish carefully, it is the last wish you all have, after that I will be gone” Genieve said. “Ok, I know what I want” he said, “I want 3 hot naked girls to appear in this room, one for each one of us” he said. After Genieve granted our wish, she disappeared, and the lamp desintegrated. I felt a big rush cover my whole body. When I came back to my senses, I saw something was completely wrong. I had long blonde hair, and worse of all, I was all naked. I looked around, and instead of Tom and Mike, two brunette girls were standing infront of me. I looked down and realized I was a girl too.

“Damn it Sharon! you just turned us into women” I yelled outloud at one of the girls, I realized that although I tried to say Mike, I had called her by a girl’s name. “I am not Sharon, I am Emily” she said, we looked at Sharon in anger, but that’s when the second wish started to kick in inside our minds. We were three girls, and we wished for all women to be attracted to us. Without much hesitation, I went straight for Sharon, and started kissing her breasts. Emily kissed my neck while touching my nipples. We weren’t thinking about Sharon’s mistake anymore, we were having lesbian sex. It would be our first time, but not our last. And my name? Kim of course.


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