Pearl Necklace

Larry had decided he wanted to get his beautiful wife a pearl necklace for their anniversary. His mistake was telling her ahead of time.
In the throws of passion he had blurted out “God honey, I so want to give you a pearl necklace”
“WHAT” she pulled away from him, shocked.
“You know, a pearl necklace would be a great treat for your anniversary he explained “I really think you’ll you’ll it”
“Why you bastard, how dare you ask me that!” she stormed out of the room, while Larry sat up confused.
Little did he know she was a witch, and when she came back in, her eyes glowing, he recoiled in fear
“You want pearl necklaces?” she growled “I’ll make it so you can get all you want”
She chanted some strange words, mist swirled, and loud clap, and Larry became a beautiful confused girl. But she did have a lovely pearl necklace


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