Thinking my way

“Come on Matt, you know I’m right! Look at this ass! I’m gorgeous! What do you have to lose?”

Matt Hills contemplated this, with a combination of shock and intrigue. His friend Ted, now Trinity, had started working for some foreign company and they turned him into a women. He had just come back to the States for a visit and insisted they go to the beach together. Matt had always known Ted was impulsive and rather extreme, but it was hard to believe his old friend, a man that once chased vodka with rum and ran three dungeons and dragons games a week, willingly changed himself into a women.

“I don’t know Te….eehhh Trinity, it doesn’t seem like I have anything to gain. I’m attracted to women and I have never really wanted to be one”

“Matt, your life sucks. You have had the same job for three years and you have hated it since day one. Your girlfriend broke up with you for being to pessimistic and lets be honest, you have nothing to lose. I know you like women, I did too, and I can still appreciate the sight of a sexy women. But I also get to feel the pride of BEING one. Plus looking at men becomes a treat! And the sex, Matt its a similar sensation, but its more emotional, more intimate, Matt you just have to try when you get back, plus Diluculo Lapsum needs people that understand the mind, and lets be honest that physiology degree isn’t going to do you any good elsewhere.

Matt started to waver and Trinity knew it, Matt never did have a good poker face.

“Ok Trinity, I will think about it. You do seem happy, and its not like I have anything else to do with my life, just give me a bit of time Ok?”

Trinity was ecstatic, she had him, all she had to do was have a fun day at the beach with Matt, show this wasn’t some kind of act, and his friend would be happy in his new body.

Trinity smiled playfully “That’s the spirit Marissa, I’m sure you will be thinking my way in no time”


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