Not complaining anymore

I always hated how I had to work and do everything around the house, while my wife just laid in bed until past ten in the morning. So this morning, while I was taking a shower before work, a wish popped into my mind “sometimes I wish I would be able to stay at home instead of my wife”. I didn’t expect the wish to work. I saw the shower droplets freeze in space. It was an unreal image, it must have lasted a few seconds, but felt like hours.

I closed my eyes, thinking I was imagining things. But the moment I openned my eyes, I woke up to something very different. I was looking at my wife’s cellphone. I could see my feminine right hand holding the phone. I felt my long hair over my back. I could also feel my wife’s panties pressing my pussy and my round ass. I openned the phone font-camera and saw myself. Well, by myself I mean my wife’s face. I heard the shower turn off. I would have bet it was my wife in my body. But my formerself acted like if nothing was wrong. He got dressed and made me breakfast.

I remembered how much I hated my wife not even saying “thanks” when I brought her breakfast in bed. So I kissed him in his cheek and said “thanks”, he smiled. It was kind of weird kissing myself. But it was kind of a turn on. He still looked tired and kind of sad. “Shit, is that how I look every morning?” I thought. “You know what?” I asked while putting my breakfast on the floor, “why don’t you call in sick?”.

I don’t know what came on to me. But I wanted to please my husband, I mean my former self. I kissed him passionately, my tongue went all the way inside his mouth. I guess that caught him off guard. I placed my hand over his crotch, and started massaging his thing. I ripped my blouse off, and made him lick my tits. It felt awesome. I never knew this felt so great. In a few minutes we were having sex. The feeling of his equipment going inside of me, making its way inside my pussy was so insane, I started sweating and moaning like crazy.

I am sure I showed him quite a good time. I never went back to my former body. But since I took over my wife’s body, I became the wife I always wanted. I helped around the house. I took a part time job. And every single night, I pleasured my husband in every imaginable way. I have a perfect life, and I am not complaining anymore.


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