Hubby and Wife

The hubby Bill was watching his wife have sex with his friend Dale, he was into watching his wife do it with another man. Linda, his wife, wondered why he enjoyed watching them so much, but also indulged in trying out another man.

“Hubby now it’s your turn, since you are so interested,” she said.

Suddenly he was getting fucked by Dale, in his own wife’s busty body! He felt his friend’s hands on his new magnificent tits, as he was being pumped into in his new love canal at the same time. He was in bliss, female bliss, but bliss anyway, and couldn’t ignore the fact that while he was now a she, she was feeling wonderful with this man, her friend now sex partner.

“Does that satisfy your curiosity, dear. My, I must say I like how strong and sturdy your body is, and this cock of yours is growing out of control. I might have to try it on you before we switch back, baby,” said an aroused Linda, now in Bill’s well hung and horny male body.

Bill in ecstasy said, “Pull it out, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to suck my own dick. Let me taste myself, I know it sounds weird, but I want to, get it out baby.”

Soon Bill was taking it in his new pussy and his new mouth, his friend fucking him and him sucking his wife in his former body. Soon they all had their respective orgasms, and Bill would say he probably had the best one of them all, actually he had three in a row, shuddering from the mammoth man meat presented to him on both ends.

Bill soon got up, with the taste of his own seed in his mouth, and his buddy’s dripping from his new cooch, “Oh boys, that was wonderful. Now Linda, find me one of your bras and panties and a sexy dress, I’m going out in your body, and I’m keeping it. First a shower however, and if you boys want to join me that is perfectly fine for my perfectly fine new ass.”

Linda said in shock, “You are saying you want to keep my body? What about me?”

“What about you Linda? You seemed to like being me. If not we can find you a woman willing to swap with you someplace I’m sure. I really want to keep your body, it feels like it belongs to me now that I’ve experience intimacy in it. What do you say, HUBBY,” asked Bill wanting to stay as Linda.

“I suppose I could do this for awhile, see how the other half lives, I’ve always thought it a man’s world anyway, why not experience being man in it, at least for awhile. I can find someone to swap with, a new female body would be nice also. I agree, welcome to womanhood Bill or I mean Linda now,” said Linda in Bill’s deep voice.

Dale said, “What about me? After watching you have all that pleasure, Bill, I think I want to swap with a babe to see what it’s like.”

Bill now Linda said, “Sure we can arrange that too. The swapping crystal is for all of us to share.”

Dale got excited a few days later when he got to swap with the bustiest stripper in town Bonnie Bosoms, surprised she agreed to the exchange. He experienced much of what Bill did that night when Linda in her new male body gave him a go around in the sack. It seemed the two men loved being sexy women and the one woman now loved being a stud of a man. As long as all were happy, that was what truly mattered.


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