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The Helpful Girl Friend

One night after a giving my girlfriend multiple world rocking orgasms, “I wish I could get that much out of sex.”. She replied, “Yes, women really enjoy good sex more than men.”. She said, “Tomorrow night let me invite Dave over, I know he is my ex and is pissed at you, and he is your boss. I think I have away to improve things for you.”. Read more

My New Prospects

I’m Billy and yesterday was the worst day of my life. I lost my job, my apartment, and my in one day. Totally bummed out with all that I owned in two trash bags standing on the side walk. I took out my phone to check my bank account and I was shocked it said, “-37.50 overdraft.” Read more

Best Friends

Glen and Jo are my best friends and when I lost my job apartment they offered to let me move in with them.
Glen told me” Aaron you can live with us our law office is booming, so you can live with us and we will pay for everything you need as long as you want. All Jo and I ask it you will do our house work and you will take care of any kids we have. Because of our long office hours we need help to have our perfect life.” Read more


While I was at work during lunch I sunk in my rival Jeff’s office and used his computer and surfed porn sites. I knew that would set of the IT Department’s flagging software. Jeff caught me but he did not report me. he just smiled and said, Read more

Man Of the House

while I was driving home I was thinking how perfect my life was now. I own my own Fortune 500 Software company and I have a loving little wife that takes very good care of our home and is great in bed. I could not love her more and soon she will be having our first baby.
I know she will be a great mother and I want us to have two more kids while we are still young. Read more

How A Whore Hound Became A Monogamist

This is the short version how I started my life of monogamy. I was a real whore hound that was totally sexually uninhibited. I even let a guy give me a blow job while I ate a girl out in a three way. But I had only one very close friend, Liam. Liam was the opposite of me he was completely heterosexual but very shy around girls. Liam was still a virgin at 22. He was a nice looking guy, actually better looking than me. But when he would try to talk to girls he never seem to have the courage to close the deal. Read more

Hello Maria

My furious wife stop me juts as I shut the garage door and threw pink powder on me. Looking at her shocked I felt very dizzy and turned and steadied myself on the window ledge. I felt my body burn and I watched helplessly as the window grew higher and higher.
Then I notice my hair long and dark while my skin to soft dark olive and hairless. But I froze when I felt my testicles draw up inside me. then my penis folded and widened till all I saw was a thinly haired mound with a dark pink slit. My strange fate became sure to me when two dark brown nippled mounds formed on my chest. But before I could fully react to the transformation I had under gone my stomach swelled to a huge round ball. Read more

Finding Just the Right Tool

I bought a new house and my best friend Eric came over to help me fix it up some. We needed a tool we did not have so we went in to the old clutter garage to see if the former owner left one. while I was looking in and old box of tools I found a old game token that said ” Good For One Wish”.
Laughed and threw it to Eric who read it.
Eric said, Know what I wish. I said ” What?”. Eric said, “I wish I had a babe girl friend really into me and that I liked hanging with as mush as I do you.” There was a bright flash and the coin was gone. I felt everything in my body shift and change and my clothes change too. when it stopped I saw that I had long dark hair and a bikini top on and very short cut off jeans. I looked at Eric and saw he was much taller that me and that looking at him made me feel warm between my legs. Eric said, I had bought that token from a Witch with the restriction that it could only be used on the person that you had to given it to be used. I snuck it in that box you were looking in and you did exactly what I needed to activate it. At that he came over to me and took me in is arms and kissed me. I fought him a first but I loved my best friend and it felt so good so I joined in. Soon I was naked and he turned me around. Then dripping wet I put my propped my leg on the work bench and he fucked me. I loved it and we now live together and I never miss being a guy and I love Eric and he rocks my world now all the time.

I’m Adapting

I was Daniel Short and this is how I now live a perfect life. My life has not always been perfect as an ex-football jock that has a passion for cooking. I turned down football scholarships to go to a good cooking school. After graduating I landed an assistant prep-chief job at a 5 star restaurant. But my tyrannical head chief has not ever promoted me in 2 years. My co-workers all tell me it is because he knows I am much more talented than he is. Read more


Things are not nowhere near the same for me now I am in college. To start I did not want to live on campus and I answered an add on the school website That read, Young male warlock seeking RESPECTFUL roommate to share expenses on up scale furnished condo. Read more