Hello Maria

My furious wife stop me juts as I shut the garage door and threw pink powder on me. Looking at her shocked I felt very dizzy and turned and steadied myself on the window ledge. I felt my body burn and I watched helplessly as the window grew higher and higher.
Then I notice my hair long and dark while my skin to soft dark olive and hairless. But I froze when I felt my testicles draw up inside me. then my penis folded and widened till all I saw was a thinly haired mound with a dark pink slit. My strange fate became sure to me when two dark brown nippled mounds formed on my chest. But before I could fully react to the transformation I had under gone my stomach swelled to a huge round ball.

Then I saw a Goodwill bag with clothes land at my new tiny feet and I turned to see my now intimidating very tall angry wife glaring at me with a wicked smile.

She walk directly in front in me and stood very close to me to emphasize how her very athletic 5’9″ 140LBS frame dwarfed me now. She smilingly looked me up and down then she grabbed my shoulders and turned me around. I tried to resist but she easily force me to turn. Nodding her head she just said “perfect”.

Looking down at me she pushed my chin up forcing me to look up at her and she said, ” Just like I ordered. You have a very pretty face, a 5′ tall Latina but you still only speak English. After you have your baby you will get back and always keep you perfect but very weak but firm little 102LBS body. Even after having your other four babies over next five years”.

Then in a subdued but very frightening voice she said, ” You always said wanted a baby as bad as I did. So after going through years of all kind downright painful fertility treatments, I went to a witch. The witch told me to hire a private eye and come back. Then she would tell what I needed to do. So I did and he found out about your vasectomy and your many affairs.

When I returned to the witch she told this would be the best punishment for you and she gave me options looks, new likes and dislikes, personality traits, and sexuality. My dear lying cheating ex-husband your now a very meek submissive 19 year old woman. You now are strongly drawn to forceful men and easily submit to their desires.”

She then reached for my huge stomach and I tried to block her and but she brush my hands away and held my belly.

She then said, ” Oh did you feel that he just kicked he will be out to see mama in a month. I have nothing against your children you are going to be a good mother and love them more than life. You always were a good cook but now you enjoy all the household duties and a clean orderly house.”

I looked at her as it all started to set in and I knew she was right. Then she said ” but you life will be far from perfect because you we miss terribly your old life and always regret what you did to lose it and being torn because you love your family.”

She shoved the bag in my hands and I started to get dressed. In the I found jeans with a stretch waist, sandals, cotton panties, a nursing bra, a tee top, and a big canvas shoulder bag containing a wallet, and a folder with documents.

After I was dress she looked at me and said “perfect very pregnant but still sexy. I thought I would make you a homeless illegal first but thinking of the children I made you a natural citizen. You are unemployed but you have a high school diploma, birth certificate for you Maria Lopez 19, drivers license, and a bank account with 2000.00 in it to get you going. Now get out of my garage before I call the police.”


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