I’m Adapting

I was Daniel Short and this is how I now live a perfect life. My life has not always been perfect as an ex-football jock that has a passion for cooking. I turned down football scholarships to go to a good cooking school. After graduating I landed an assistant prep-chief job at a 5 star restaurant. But my tyrannical head chief has not ever promoted me in 2 years. My co-workers all tell me it is because he knows I am much more talented than he is.

My roommate and best friend since grade school is Jacob Hill genius IT guy. Jacob is not nerdy he is almost as tall as I am 6 foot 4. We even played football in high school together and he is my wing man when we go out to find girls. Three months ago Jacob’s 99 year old uncle, that I never met, died.

If it was not so sad it would be funny because he was shot by a jealous husband while fucking his wife. He left Jacob one thing a plain gold ring. as Jacob calls it “The Ring Of Power”. Jacob said it has past to the oldest male heir in his family for 1,200 years. It must work because Jacob just sold his first major design for 100 million dollars.

Beat after working my 6am-10am part of 12hr 6 days a week schedule and knowing that I would have to be back for my 4pm-12am, I was going straight home for a nap. But when I got to mine and Jacob’s apartment I saw Jacob leaning on a new Porsche watching a Goodwill truck pull away.

I was blown away by his new car he could see how truly happy I am for him and proud of him too. He told me to hop in that he had some surprises for me. First of all he had call my boss and told him exactly what he thought of him. Then he told him I would not be back because he has bought me my own kitchen. I just looked him and it sunk in Jacob bought me my own kitchen FUCK!

I started to gush thanks on my awesome best friend but he stopped and told me to lay the seat back and take a nap. He exp1ained that it would take some time to get to the next surprise. So I did just what said thinking what a caring person he is. Jacob woke up 2 hours later saying “we’re here our new home”.

I was shocked what “home” was, a huge old world style mansion surrounded by a gated rock wall and perfectly landscaped grounds. Jacob pull in front of the mansion’s front entry door where a woman w in front of a car with “Events LTD” written on the door.

As we got out of the car the woman told Jacob that the grounds and house would work perfectly and three months would be plenty of time to prepare. Jacob thanked her and said we would contact her in three weeks for the approval and finial arrangements and menu. Then told Jacob she would be expecting his call.

Then Jacob said let me give you a tour of our new home. I followed him in too shocked and happy too say anything except “Holy Shit” as I saw the house. He told me I could look at the kitchen later. as we went up the stairs.

He led me to a huge bedroom that did not look like a man cave but more like what a couple would share. He then told me to lay down and get some more sleep because a chopper would be picking him up soon to take him to the airport. He told me he would gone two weeks maybe less closing another deal for 250 million. As I took off my pants and shoes he said something strange.
In a strangely commanding voice he said, “When you wake up you will stay very calm and just watch the video named-Explanation'”.

At that I went right to sleep and I woke up with blonde hair in me face but I stayed calm and excepted some changes in me has happened. I got out of bed almost falling because my did not make it to the floor anymore I must be very short now. I giggled in a sweet female voice when I thought ” Daniel Short now short Daniel.

I then I felt my boxers slide to the floor and pool at my new tiny feet and saw two mounds tenting my now lose tee shirt. I thought as I felt them “I have two nice firm breast now and they make me feel good and warm when I rub them…nice”. I then figured how rubbing new breast now made me warm and wet in my crouch that I must have a pussy now instead of a cock. I reached down and felt a soft mound and wet lips.

I felt even better to rub that my breasts I would have like exploring these new sensations more but I had a video to watch. So I stopped my rubbing and looked on the night stand a pad and dildo. I thought “I bet that will much better that my fingers”. But I returned to the task at hand and turn the pad on.

I saw the reflection a beautiful on the screen of the pad and I knew it was me. When the pad booted I played the video as Jacob instructed. He appear on the screen and said,

Hi Danni
By the way that is Danni with an I. Because as you can see I changed you into my ideal woman. Small, blonde with a great shape and a gorgeous face. I did not change you much mental we still share the same memories football and the friendship we have.

My ring of power can change reality and no one will know that the changes have taken place unless I want them to. I care too much for you to ever hid anything from you. I could never hurt you either so from this point forward I will never do anything that effects you without discussing it with you.

First let me tell you why the change. It was shortly after you broke up with that bitch Leigh. I could not help hearing to things she was screaming at you like “she was only a good fuck for you” and that you never wanted to spend time with her just fuck her, Because she said you always had your head up my ass. Then she gave me the answer to both of our dilemmas. She knew we both are very straight men but she still said “Why don’t you marry Jacob!

I thought “now that would perfect”. My love had regressed to the point of just casual hook-ups. The reason being other than work and sex, I would rather hangout with you and you are the same so your now the perfect solution and I want to marry you. If you will have me? If you say yes when I get back will set all the arrangements. My greatest desire is you to be my wife and mother our children.

That brings me to the mental changes I made in you. The biggest one is you now are turned on by men not women. Next like I said, only those I choose will know any change has happened. Your mom and dad and everyone you know think you were always female. You now have access to what they remember about you just not first hand. It is like a story you read. The last thing I changed is your body memory and a few added skills. So you will be able to act, dress, care for yourself, and be very graceful when you move. I did to make the transition easy for you have plenty of new things to discover already.

So spend the day checking out the house and make a list of any changes. I will Skype around 9 tonight and I can hear and see my Ideal Woman for the first time. But most important get my answer to my proposal.

I put the pad down and thought I would test what Jacob told me. On the bed stand next to that huge dildo was my pink IPhone. I giggled and thought “Jacob has a great since of humor” and I pull up my contacts.

I call my mom she answered with “Hi Hon!” She started talking to me about our neighbor and how their son which tried to steal me from Jacob was getting his second divorce after only 6 months. I knew it all and she had no memory of me other than female. Then I told Jacob and I were going to get married and she shouted “FINALLY” . I answered “see I told you and how many time did you tell me “they won’t buy the cow if they get the milk for free.

Mom and I talked and giggled and gossiped for about an hour I laid on my stomach still naked with my knee bent very girly. I told her the wedding would soon be and we were flying them out. Then we said good bye and I laid the phone back and my hand brushe the dildo.

I giggled and picked up the dildo and thought, I wonder if Jacob is close to this size. As that thought of Jacob my best friend naked filled my mind I notice something different. My friendship feelings were changing as I thought of him. I thought how kind and funny he was. Then it dawned on me how handsome he was with his shirt off. Ripped abs and beautiful chest.

Holding the dildo and thinking of Jacobs cock touching me. With eyes shut I rubbed the head of the dildo on my pussy lips. Then I needed him in me badly so I slowly pushed the tip in and it sent chills in place I did not have before. In a few minutes I was pumping the dildo in and out hard thinking Jacob and hearing the screams of my orgasms.

Jacob and I Skyped for the next 12 nights from 9pm to 2am my time, of course I said yes. Our conversations went from me oooing and ahhing over the house to flirty mainly him telling me how sexy I am to the point of last night we watched each other naked masturbating at the same time. By the way Jacobs cock looks a little bigger than my dildo…WOW!

The rest of time waiting for my Jacob’s return was spent organizing my new perfect professional kitchen. I had to use a short ladder now for the top cabinets I only 5’3″.
I also looked at weeding dresses and reading books on rising children.

The day before Jacobs return I stood at the window looking up at the sky yearning to see my Jacob fly in and thinking I would meet him at the door wear my sexiest lingerie.
The more I thought of him seeing in the sky over head the wetter I got. So I did myself right there looking into the sky. So a lot is new but I am adapting well giggle.


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