While I was at work during lunch I sunk in my rival Jeff’s office and used his computer and surfed porn sites. I knew that would set of the IT Department’s flagging software. Jeff caught me but he did not report me. he just smiled and said,

“Things have changed Lee, I have been given a very special gift by my Great Aunt. She I came to discover a witch, and I am her favorite relative because I always tried to help her around her house and yard. She told me she knew how you would bully me and do things to make my work life hell.

She said I deserved to have a much better life so she gave me an old typewriter that can change reality. It can only work if some one actions have unjustly hurt me. You will be surprised to learn that this office as of two days ago is unoccupied and has been since Monday. Today at our Friday staff meeting they will I am now a VP and I have been moved to the corner office. But that will only be a very small surprise compared to the one you will have when you get up in the morning.

I grabbed the much smaller man and he just pushed me down with little effort. He said, “See I am in much better shape now”. At the meeting it happened just as he said Jeff was now my boss’s boss. I left work and went to a bar and when I fail to find a good piece of ass to hook up with I just got drunk.

In the morning I got up and I woke up at noon with my phone ringing. I got up and I felt my body move different and I jumped up and I had tits and there was two lips where my cock and balls should have been. I ran to the mirror and saw that I had the same apartment but it was much cleaner and it was a woman’s.

Looking in the mirror I saw I was a very cute young woman with blonde hair and a good shape. But I was very short not much more that 5′ tall judging how high the sink was and the still my hand rang again and it showed this was the second time he called. I answered it.

Jeff said, “Good morning Leigh spelled now with an IGH.”.


He answered, “Oh how sweet your new voice is. Nothing big you are now a woman that is my new sectary and unless you want me to rewrite you as a homeless woman that gets kidnapped by a big cocked pimp you must do what I tell you. Leigh will you do what I say or do I rewrite you?”.

I thought about it and I knew he could do it and I would be a whore with men using me over and over. So I said in a soft defeated tone, “I will do what you say.”.

Jeff the said, “Good! Now hang up and take of selfie of you standing there naked and send it to me. I want you to show up Monday on time dressed sexy business makeup and hair perfect. Bye Ms. Holt see you Monday.” and he disconnected.
I stood there for a second and knew I had to do it or he would make me a whore or worst. So I thought I would at lease gig him so I did and sent him the picture.

Jeff got the picture sitting at his old typewriter and laughed and continued hand writing,

” Even though Leigh was angry at her boss Jeff , she felt a building desire to please him. She was called in his office and she found herself being very sexually aroused but by being close to him. Leigh stopped being mad and gave him a bj under his desk. Jeff very soon and quit her job so she could be Jeff’s submissive wife and stay at home mom…. To Be continued…”

Jeff thought, ” So she will be the cock sucker hahaha. Now all I have to do is type it Monday before work.”


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