My New Prospects

I’m Billy and yesterday was the worst day of my life. I lost my job, my apartment, and my in one day. Totally bummed out with all that I owned in two trash bags standing on the side walk. I took out my phone to check my bank account and I was shocked it said, “-37.50 overdraft.”

Then my phone beeped and went off with a prompt that said “Service Cancelled For Failure To Pay!”. So I reached for my wallet to pay it with a credit card and my wallet was gone. Then I turned around to see if I dropped it when I got my phone out and the trash truck picked up my belongings and drove quickly away.

Watching all that I owned disappear down the street a car pulled up and the window rolled down. Greg Hass the nerd I tortured in all through school and college was the driver. Greg looked different though more buff, taller, and wealthy.

Greg smirked, ” Bad day huh? Well let me enlighten you, I place a curse on you. You can believe me or not it don’t matter to me. But if you leave you will be dead in 15 minutes by some freakish bad luck. Or you can live, have your own apartment, and all your needs met. If you get in my car and do exactly as I say.”

So I could have laughed in his face or tried to punch him but after what had just happened I believed him. I walked around and got in the passenger side of his car. Greg told me just to sit still and not talk and listen. then he said,

“I have rented you an one bed room apartment in a good building and I have set you up with a monthly allowance for clothes food and you needs. There is even a little for luxuries. But you must say right now” I agree of my free will to do all you say because you will always fulfill all my needs”. Then put this ring on your fourth finger of your left hand.”

I took the ring and did as he said because what choice did I have. We soon arrived at my new home. It was in the nice part of town a doorman secure building. The valet took Greggs car and we went up to my apartment.

When we walked in I saw it had a small kitchen and a living room a nice bedroom and bath. But I was confused it was done up like a female live in it down to makeup and a box of tampons in the bathroom.

Greg then explained, “You see Billy I am very busy now as a full Wizard. I travel the world and do thing s you don’t need to know as payment for my powers. So I don’t have time to find a love interest. So I need a mistress for just sex which is degrading for a woman. I have no desire to use an innocent that way.

But you on the other caused me a lot of humiliation. You loved calling me your bitch so it is just karma that you will be mine. So change now into a 5’4″ petite with long brunette hair woman. Let say 32- D bra size gorgeous face with full lips, a tight breasts tear drop ass and breasts. You will be Billie now and a complete healthy 21 year old woman but infertile for now.”

I felt my body do as he commanded and I looked at my reflection in the window beside me and a saw I was that woman.

Then Greg said, Billie you now are very submissive and you enjoy pleasing me and only me. You no longer a sexually attracted to women and you are only attracted to one man, me. When ever you think of me you get all warm fuzzy and when you are in the room with me you turn into a real slut wanting anyway you can have me.

You will be boiling with lust till you have me and you will orgasm very quickly and many times every time I fuck you screaming in pleasure. After that you will be so grateful you will wait on me hand and foot. That is enough for now I will add more later. Now I am going to fuck you.”

I was just looking at him and my new pussy was dripping wet for him. My pants had fell to the floor because I am so much smaller and he came to me and ripped open my shirt and grabbed my breasts and sent chills through me and he unzipped his pants and I pushed back on his wonderful cock and I was gone in orgasmic pleasure. This is my new life and I love my new prospects of being Greg’s slut.


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