The Helpful Girl Friend

One night after a giving my girlfriend multiple world rocking orgasms, “I wish I could get that much out of sex.”. She replied, “Yes, women really enjoy good sex more than men.”. She said, “Tomorrow night let me invite Dave over, I know he is my ex and is pissed at you, and he is your boss. I think I have away to improve things for you.”.

I thought she meant at work so I said, “Sure, if he stays so pissed at me I know he will fuck me at work.”. Mt girlfriend laughed and said, “I think I can make sure he will not fuck you at work.”. So she set up everything and let me know everything was set to make Dave very happy with me.

The next night when I got home my girlfriend was naked and said, “How about you getting a life changing fuck before dinner?” I was naked in a flash, but she did something strange she said some weird words and blew pink powder in my face.

I instantly changed into a very petite woman so my girlfriend, who was 5’9″ towered over me. She looked at me and said, “My, My, you came out smaller than I thought you must not be over 5 foot tall, but you are real pretty. You really made me mad when you said I enjoyed sex better than you. I want you to know I’m a Damn good lover. Dave never complained, but he is Damn good too as you will soon find out.”

With that she threw me on the bed I tried to fight her but she had me by 30 pounds and she was a lot stronger. Then Dave came out of the closet naked and helped her spread my legs. She then said, “Dave will never fuck you at work only at home and as soon as he cums in you will have to do as he says and you will stay a woman. You will know who you were but you will have to act any way Dave tells you.”

Then I felt his cock fill my new pussy and he made me orgasm over and over then he pumped me full and I was his forever.


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