When men become women it can be very exciting. Quite often, it is just as and on many occasions even more exciting for those around them.
Nate had always wanted to be a woman. Amy was always a close friend of his and was well aware of his secretive desire. Amy was saddened to see her friend unhappy with his body. So when she saw that there is a business downtown that specialised in transformations thought instantly of Nate. She couldn’t tell him quick enough. Nate was shocked by this new revelation yet wanted to give it a crack. He’d booked an appointment immediately and Nate was in the waiting room with Amy the next morning. Nate was nervous yet knew it was what he wanted to do. When he was called he said goodbye to Amy for the last time as a man and walked through to the doctor’s office. After a series of injections, Nate was Nancy. Amy was so happy for her friend and helped her become the woman she always wanted to be.


After a vigorous workout in the gym Nancy and Amy hit the showers. The showers were very communal and open. Three other women were in the washing themselves down. Nancy and Amy giggled and laughed boisterously as the water fell upon their bodies.
“I’m so glad you’re a woman now. I mean just look at you” burst Amy, “you’ve got the best ass in the city”
With this Nancy bent over to display her round and sexy rear. Amy proceeded to slap Nancy’s rear as it bounced with the movement. The other three girls in the shower were disgusted by the sight.
“What?” Questioned Amy, “this beautiful female specimen was a male once and look at her. She’s beautiful. Three weeks ago she was a rugged man with a dick. Now she has a pussy, she wears skirts, she has long hair, she wears heels, she has breasts and she has the greatest ass I’ve seen in my lifetime. You don’t understand just how exciting this is do you?”


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