Today’s player is @xCurious, who would love to be a petite asian girl 🙂 Enjoy!

<<Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to Slutty Life, the only show where men are turned into women and challenge each other in a competition to become the sluttiest girl there is, all for the chance of winning $ 500.000!
In this episode we will see how the day at the Tanaka mansion went for the little Asami. Today was in fact her first day of work after the hospitalization of old Mr. Tanaka, the house master.
The young David had to undergo radical physical alterations in order to serve at the mansion as a maid, being transformed into an petite Asian girl due to Mr. Tanaka’s antipathy towards foreigners. But despite that, her time spent as a servant was mostly pleasant, since the old man always treated her gently and with consideration and never asked her more than to keep the house clean and to look after his dogs.
However Mr. Tanaka’s heart disease seems to have got the best of him, and he is currently hospitalized on the verge of death. While we are undoubtedly sad to lose an affectionate customer who every year offers one of our girls a job as a maid, we are very interested in how his death will affect Asami’s work conditions.
In fact Mr. Tanaka’s wife is going to inherit all of her husband’s substances, including his rights over our contestant, and the woman has always had great antipathy towards his husband’s maids, fearing that they could hinder her inheritance.
As you can see Mrs. Tanaka’s hasn’t even waited the news of his husband’s death to rearrange the conditions under which the poor Asami will be forced to work. She has been stripped of all of her privileges, beside of her uniform, and she has been reduced to a pet for every guest of the mansion to use as they please. They are currently waiting for a group of Mr. Tanaka’s business porters, and it looks like our petite girl will have a lot of readjustment to do for the new workplace.
Unfortunately for her since Mr. Tanaka wasn’t her owner in the game but technically just an employer, that means that she will have to spend 40 hours a week at the mansion. While we speak her room is being moved to the dogs’ shelter, as by Mrs. Tanaka’s orders, and she will have to get used to the idea of always wearing that shocking collar.
Stay strong Asami! Only with endurance you will be able to get to the end of the game. Will our poor girl make it through all this? Stay tuned and find it out here at Slutty Life!>>


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