Today’s contestant is @Grindhous, who wants to be Dillion Harper. Be careful what you wish for 😉 Enjoy!

<<Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to Slutty Life, the only show where men are turned into women and challenge each other in a competition to become the sluttiest girl there is, all for the chance of winning $ 500.000!
We are currently watching the young Philip waking up in his new body for the first time. This is always a very special moment. Watching the reaction of a man waking up to find soft mounds of flash on his chest and a fresh new cunt between his legs is fascinating as much as it is amusing. How will Philip react? We’ll he remain petrified in front of his new form? Will he scream and freak out?
Uh-oh! Looks like he likes how he ended up looking. He seems to love it in fact. Look at how he is checking his new body out in the mirror. He sure is having a lot of fun. Great! Wonderful! We love when our contestants like their new appearance. Philip is the youngest contestant to ever enroll in our game, being still a high school student. Fortunately the as long as a contestant has passed the age of consent he can enroll in the game, so we are happy to welcome our youngest contestant ever. And we have lot in store for her ladies and gentlemen.
Many of you have probably already recognized the girl on the screen as the lovely Dillion Harper, the renowned porn star. Well, checking the search history in Philip’s computer we found out that he is a great fan of her works, so we decided to surprise him by turning him into an exact copy of his favorite actress.
And starting from next week he will have the unique opportunity to live out his fantasies as the protagonist. We will make him reenact all the major movies starring the beautiful Dillion. Big Dick for a Cutie 2, I Love Big Toys 36, Slumber Party Orgy, and many, many more! Which one are you most looking forward to? Will Philip be able to face all we got in store for him? Stay tuned and find it out here at Slutty Life!>>


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