Today’s player is @DawnFall 🙂 Enjoy!

<<Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to Slutty Life, the only show where men are turned into women and challenge each other in a competition to become the sluttiest girl there is, all for the chance of winning $ 500.000!
Our Dawn has just been woken up by her master. She seems to have been able to get some rest this time after the first few restless nights. She’s slowly getting used to sleep in that cage, even though she still is clearly uncomfortable crawling around the house on all four.
The poor girl sure got the short hand of the stick when she had to pick the Pet Owner as her master. While under her control she isn’t allowed to talk if not through howling or barking, and has to eat all of her meals in a doggie bowl. Since it is Saturday, today our Dawn will have to spend the whole day with her master instead of the usual 3 hours a day, so she still has a lot to endure before she will be allowed to go back standing up.
Her master has a lot in store for her today. She will teach her a lot of tricks to show off at next week’s “Dog show”, and our Dawn will better win the contest because otherwise her master will get very angry at her.
But before that she has programmed a walk at the park. At least our girl gets to take a few trips outside of the mansion thanks to her owner, even though she has to be lead on a leash.
What do you think? Is our Dawn a good girl? Will her time spent as an almost literal bitch benefit her in her ratings? Or will her owner have to punish her? Stay tuned and find it out here at Slutty Life!>>


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