Not bored anymore (request for @MiraMinx)

Anthony was feeling a little disappointed. It was the third week of the last summer before he started his senior year of college. It had not been a bad summer and school was going well, but another summer stuck in his boring home town was not exactly his idea of exciting. Every single person over 25 he ran into could not stop blabbing on about how “these are the best times of your life” and “make sure not to waste your youth, once you get a job and a family you can’t go back”. At times Anthony had to force himself not to roll his eyes.

It was Sunday night and Anthony was politely drunk, not wasted but drunk enough that he could avoid thinking about the monotony of his job at forever 21 the next day. The job wasn’t so bad, he was mostly left alone, only one other guy worked there and no one ever asked them questions. For better or worse this allowed Anthony and Phil to spend many hours a day in the back room playing cards and talking about their numerous female co-workers.
“Well excuse me if I don’t shake your hand!”
Anthony jolts awake, takes one last sip of his bourbon, turns off the tv and walks upstairs to bed.

The next morning he is sitting with Phil in the overly bright break room in the back of the Forever 21.
“How come all we ever do back here is play gin and shoot the shit? Why don’t we ever do anything fun?” Phil asks while leaning back in his chair
“I don’t know man, doesn’t seem like there’s much else to do, we are at work after all” Anthony lazily answers
“I’ve got an idea, we’ll play a game, a dice game” Phil says, sitting up properly and smirking
“A dice game? That doesn’t seem so different from what we normally do but whatever you want man. How does it work?”
“It’s simple. I have a twenty sided die, we each roll it five times and the highest overall score wins” he laughs
Anthony raised his eyebrows “That’s it?”
“That’s it” Phil says decisively
“ok sure, you got first?”
Phil nods and rolls
12. 8. 18. 7. 2. (47)
Then Anthony (58)
Phil smiles, “looks like you win Tony”

The rest of the day went on without notice; Anthony went home, drank and went to bed. He tossed and turned a little, his feet always came off the bed, at 5’ 11” he was just a little too tall for his frame. He drifted into sleep.

1- Big Breasts
In the morning the sun shown through his windows and Anthony wrapped the end of his feet and rolled over onto his stomach. He felt a crushing pressure and rolled back over and jumped out of bed. He looked down and had to restrain his instinct to scream. Two huge breasts had appeared on his chest, they prevented him from seeing his feet. He ran to the bathroom and his shock continued. His entire body had changed. Where once there were once abs there were now curves, his short brown hair grew down to his…breasts… and became lighter at the ends. Even his penis had retracted and formed a shaved vagina. Despite all of this the thing that bothered Anthony the most was his loss of stature. He has always been proud of his height, it crucially made him 3 full inches taller than his father, a fact he relished. There was no way to measure but there was no way he topped 5’ 4” now. Before he could get a proper grip on the situation a sustained buzz from his phone caught his attention.
6. High Heels addict
“Time to leave for work” the alarm read. Panicking Anthony opened up his closet. He had time to register but not time to panic about his realization that all of his clothes were now feminine. He grabbed the baggiest clothes he could find to hide his new feminine form but then froze up. He looked down at all the shoes available and despite all the more reasonable options available he..she instinctively grabbed the tallest set of high heels available. As she walked to work the heels felt more and more natural. She felt confident and attractive. Plus maybe the extra height will help her pretend nothing had changed. Passing stores on the way to work she struggled not to stop and look at every pair of high heels, whether they be on someone else’s feet or in a display case.

11. Ditzy/ 19. Feminine eye candy
Anthony took tiny steps, and her way into work, she tried not to attract any attention.
A blonde haired woman with wide hips wearing a tight pink dress ran up to Anthony and hugged her. She took her phone out and snapped a quick selfie “just two gals about to hit the town!”
The woman laughed and grabbed Anthony by the hand, dragging her out of the store. Anthony followed along stunned.
“can you believe this time yesterday we were two boring guys stuck in that crummy back office? Come on! We’re going on a spree, my boyfriend will pay for everything”

Suddenly it dawned on him, this was Phil! The same thing must have happened to him!

Anthony was pulled along to several stores, watching as Phil, or Phillipa, went through every wrack of clothes, buying hundreds of dollars in things. None of this made sense until out of sheer boredom she placed a blue bow in her hair. She felt a tingling sensation all over, everything seemed very clear.

11. Ditzy/19. Feminine eye candy
Anthony and Phillipe raced through the mall, buying everything in sight. With each new purchase Anthony felt further away from her old self, further away from everything. Without her noticing little things started to slip. Anthony was too long of a name, Toni fit better, no more college, beauty school, her old habits of reading and watching documentaries all fell off. Replaced with knowledge of clothes and the deep desire to look cute at all times and seem fun. Dresses and high heels and make up. Eventually a few boys joined them, they made Toni feel tingly and good, but only the very tallest boys. She could never give up her high heels so the boys needed to be at least 5’11”.

20. Naturally Beautiful Face
After 5 hours of shopping Phillipe and Toni ended up back at one of the boy’s houses. Toni realized that her face had softened, it was quiet striking and feminine. Coupled with her bright red lipstick, gold earrings, prominently displayed boobs and high heels she looked cute as a button.

Toni realized she did not know where she was but she did not care. Make up is fun. High Heels are fun. Teasing boys is fun. Dressing up is fun. Life is fun.


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