Instant Urges Witness Protection

Jeff and Jed were changed to Jack and Jenna for witness protection, and of course, Jenna was having the hardest time adjusting, after all she was no longer the man she used to be, and had to be Jack’s wife no less. When asking about it, they told him, well her, that if she wanted to live that was what she would live as.

Jenna wasn’t prepared for what ensued next however. Getting board, Jack pulled out his new cock to see if it was bigger after witness protection changed his body. Somehow, this triggered something in the new Jenna, and she immediately dropped to her knees to suck it! She couldn’t help herself, and it seemed she was quit good at it. Apparently the witness protection program had made her not only a beautiful blonde babe, but addicted to cock as well. What purpose was that for, she thought as she couldn’t help herself and as Jack tasted wonderful.

A few days later, they would find out what it was for, to offset the rising costs of the witness protection program, Jenna was to make some money back to repay the program and for their lives as a high priced escort at a local hotel. The urges would make it easy enough, and the program would benefit, as well as this new witness protection married couple Jack and Jenna.

Jenna’s new saying, “I never knew witness protection could be so tasty,” was heard throughout by many a client at the hotel.

One of her others, “Explode in my mouth or face, I want to feel spunky today.”

Jack realized Jenna was so content being an escort addicted to cock, he wondered if he could be changed as well, perhaps if he would make them money like Jenna was doing? Six months later, two huge boobs, and twenty cocks later, the new Jacklyn could never be happier, and Jenna and Jackie were known as the banging babes of the city, never being discovered for their true identities.


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