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Swap Party Game

Damien was a huge fan of Open TG Captions. He could read captions for hours. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to be a woman but he just found the captions so purely arousing.
One day he was playing the swap party game on the site. He knew that it was all make belief and wouldn’t actually swap bodies with anyone and was just playing for the sheer entertainment. After a few rounds Damien finally swapped with someone. The image showed a beautiful woman wearing a girly set of bra and panties. Then Damien looked down he was wearing that same attire and had breasts. He slid his hands down his body rapidly in panic across his smooth skin. He slipped his delicate hand down his panties to find that he was a she.
Damien, now Danica was unsure what to think. She didn’t know wether to play on to try and get the body of Damien back but then the computer crashed. Danica quickly tried to restart the computer but when the computer finally whirred back to life all the game data was lost. Danica was here to stay.

Bonus Stage

Writer’s Note: I included a bunch of little nods to video games you might appreciate. And yes, technically the picture shows a European Mega Drive, not a Genesis. Read more

Knocked Out

“Okay, I can do this, I can do this,” I said taking inventory of my new anatomy, rubbing my hands through my long blond hair trying to get myself together. Playing a little game on OpenTG captions called the “Swap Party,” I had no clue that A) anything would actually happen or B) the player I had swapped with’s computer crashed almost immediately after I took control. Needless to say, looking around a pretty nice house and finding a mirror, the fact that it was Katherine Heigl was definitely another cherry on top of this day. Looking at a small note beside the now inoperable laptop, it seemed Katherine wanted out of the life of a starlet whose career that seemed to be on the decline and planned it out to where the laptop would crash immediately. And the little fact that I had a huge red carpet appearance to go to in a few hours. Of course, I could always try to play the Swap Party game again, but I chances of me getting my body back where astronomical at best. Read more

Swap party turned wrong

It all started as a silly card game. We didn’t know what we were getting into.
I was at a party with some friends when someone brought this ancient deck. He said he found that in his attic and wanted to try it out with us. Read more

Wanna play a little game?

Hi you guys, hope all is going well. I kind of stumbled across a new way or game to share with friends and I’d just like to open up the dialogue with you guys if you folks are interested in joining me. Read more

New mindset

The other players were watching me as I masturbated in my new body. I kept shouting in French.
“- Oh oui, oh oui…”
Stupid card game. It’s been an hour that we’re playing and my hopes of getting back to my original form are decreasing with time.
Of course I can’t really complain. I mean, I became a very sexy woman. I hate this accent that I have now but it’s no big deal compared to some others. Read more

A swap party (Part 6)

So many things happened in this game. I am now my best friend’s girlfriend (and I even have her mannerisms), my girlfriend became a living wet dream to “me” (who was really Jess, my best friend’s girlfriend, stuck in my body, not remembering that she used to be a girl)… Read more

Hold the moan

I had heard about this game because of him- I don’t even know his name- I only knew him as CaptionMan from OTGC…. It was called Hold the Moan. He had messaged me to let me know that it was a real game, and was curious if I wanted to play. I liked the idea of a challenge, and a temporary chance to embrace my feminine side and make a sex slave out of him in the process. Read more

Playing the game

Yesterday I bought a tabletop game from a thrift shop. It was a simple tabletop game with dice and a few cards. I invited my friends over for some beers. We were playing videogames, when one of my friends asked about the tabletop game “I bought it yesterday, I liked the design of the box. Looks like a collector’s item” I said. Read more