A different kind of knight

Request of: @taraswallows

I have always been very much a fan of dungeons and dragons, I love to play, and I always wanted to live this fantasy in the real world!
One day I was in an RPG store, I went to the place that sells dice to the game. And then one of the dice caught my attention because it was shining a golden light. When I touched it, the light shone very bright, and I could not see anything else! And when I regained my sight, I was already in a different place!
I felt a burden on my body, and it was in an ancient place, like a castle room! I looked in the mirror, and I was wearing medieval armor, I became a knight!
Then a man came into the room, when I tried to please him, I realized that my voice was strange, somehow, more feminine. He approached me and began to take off my armor, I tried to avoid it, but he continued, he said that this was a gift from the king, because I killed the dragon that ravaged the kingdom. I tried to use my strength, but I was too weak! How did someone so weak killed a dragon?
So the man explained to me that they had been using a spell to make me more relaxed and take advantage of my prize! And he tore more parts of the armor and threw me into the bed! It was then that I realized, I turned into a girl!
I looked in the mirror in the ceiling, and I am a very sexy girl, a beautiful body, big breasts of soft, long blonde hair and a delicate and cute face.
I returned to look at the man, who was already taking off his clothes too, I realized that his cock was hard, and he has a huge cock! So I asked:
“This is my prize? A sex night with you?”
And he answered:
“Do not worry, the king will keep the promise, the other men are getting ready, and soon they will be here too!”



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