Today’s player is @NatalieAmore 🙂 Enjoy!

<<Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to Slutty Life, the only show where men are turned into women and challenge each other in a competition to become the sluttiest girl there is, all for the chance of winning $ 500.000!
We are currently watching our makeup artist putting the last touches to Natalie’s look. And here we go, just a little invitation so everybody will feel encouraged to use our beautiful girl as they please.
Our Natalie is ready for her date. Let’s give her an applause ladies and gentlemen! She’s going to need all the support we can give her. In fact a very difficult trial awaits her today. When the audience was asked to chose her punishment for being last week’s lowest rated slut a striking majority of you voted for the Public Use trial. Therefore our lovely girl will spend the next 8 hours tied up in a public restroom for everyone to use. We can see on the screen that there are already plenty of her fans waiting in line outside of the designated location, all eager to spend some time with their favorite girl. And allow me to say that most of them do not look nice at all.
Natalie is going to have a very bad time today, that’s for sure, but she will get a lot of point in return if she manages to get through this. Other contestants before her had to face this difficult challenge, and not one of them was the same when they returned to the mansion. We hope that although traumatizing, the experience will be useful to her, turning her into the woman who at the end of the game will be elected the sluttiest one there is!
Will she make it? Or will the experience be too much for her to handle and break her mind beyond repair? Stay tuned and find it out here at Slutty Life!>>

I unfortunately have to stop taking requests for participation 🙁 I’ve been kind of overwhelmed by them and I’m afraid I can’t take anymore of them. I’ll get to the one I’ve received however. Just be patient 😛


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