Today’s contestant is @MiraMinx 🙂 Enjoy

<<Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to Slutty Life, the only show where men are turned into women and challenge each other in a competition to become the sluttiest girl there is, all for the chance of winning $ 500.000!
Unfortunately this week I have to sadly announce that we have a retiring contestant.
The poor Mira, who you can see crying in the backstage, was unable to tackle the very difficult challenge she chose, and now she will have to face the consequences of it.
Since her poor performance at the Bukkake Karaoke of last week, her ratings experienced a steady drop, and by the end of the week she was seriously risking to be this week’s contestant to be ruled out from the competition. In order to not only get back on track but also to climb to the head of the ranking she courageously decided to face a 50 points trial.
However as you all know contestants get to know only how much a challenge will be worth, and not what it will consist of. Therefore we encourage our girls to not overestimate their capabilities. Apparently Mira ended up overestimating her courage as well, since as soon as she was face to face with Big John, our breeding stallion, she realized that it was more than she could take and she retired from the challenge without even trying.
Even though we can’t blame her for taking such a decision there are serious consequences for such a behavior. Whenever a contestant leaves the competition, either as a winner or a looser, she gets to decide whether or not she wants to stay a woman or go back to be a man. That is unless she completely refuses to face a challenge. This condition is supposed to discourage contestant to tackle challenges that they are not able to endure. The punishment for such a behavior is to remain stuck as woman for the rest of their lives.
That mean that our poor Mira can’t go back to her old life as Anthony, hence her desperation. While she may be able to continue working on her post grad degree it is difficult to imagine her going back to do teacher aid work, especially given how everyone has watched her getting fucked daily on national television. But don’t be sad Mira! Even though it may seem like your life is over I’m sure you’re going to be fine. The show has already given you a lot of popularity, and I’m sure a smart girl like yourself will be able to capitalize on her fame and build a future for herself. Maybe you can put the skills you learned here to good use and become a world class porn star. A man may have entered the doors of our mansion, but now a new woman is leaving it, and I’m sure that despite appearing bleak there’s a bright future ahead of you. Today is the first day of your new life! Be happy with it!
One contestant leaves the game, but many more remain, and they are all determined to end up of top. Who’s going to win the title of sluttiest girl there is? Stay tuned and find it out here at Slutty Life!>>


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