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One Big Reason

Lindsay’s father Peter hates her boyfriend Steve. He tells her all the time that she deserves better, that he isn’t going anywhere in life and that she should leave him. Every time he talks to her about it, she says there’s one big reason they’re still together but she can’t tell him why. Then the Great Shift hit. One second Peter was sitting on the couch watching TV, and the next he found himself in his daughter’s dorm room on all fours being penetrated. After a few moments of confusion he figured out that he was shifted into his daughter’s body while she was having sex with the unshifted Steve! Peter tried to turn around and tell him off but Steve’s huge penis was sending waves of pleasure through his body so all he could do was stare and let out a moan every now and then. Steve, of course, didn’t realize anything was wrong so he kept going strong. Eventually, Peter had an orgasm as Steve finished on his back. Thanks to the Great Shift, he got to experience firsthand why his daughter likes him so much. Read more

A Family Swap (Part 1)

As I was listening to my dad, I couldn’t help but sigh. One of his invention malfunctioned and now I am in my mother’s body. It would have been fine if I had to stay like this for only a few minutes but apparently the machine was broken now… Read more

Violating privacy

Roger waited until his daughter Cassie left the house. That was the time he could look around her room. He was doing it constantly behind her back, trying to find anything that shouldn’t be there. What exactly he was looking for? Cigarettes, drugs and all the stuff teenagers hide before their parents. Roger didn’t find anything but he kept searching her room everytime he had the occasion. Read more

You have to belive me

“Honey i know it’s hard but you have to belive me, it’s really me, Mark” Mark pleaded his wife. She was looking at him, still skeptical about the story she just heard. “You still don’t belive me, huh?” Mark said ready to give up on trying to convince her. His wife shook her head “There is no way this could be possible” She said. “But i’m telling the truth. I somehow miraculously swapped bodies with our daughter” Mark said, becoming frustrated. Read more

Part of his plan

You never learn daddy do you? How many time i have to swap our bodies so you will finally understand what i feel? When will you become the father every teenage girl deserves” Katie said from her father’s body. John who was now his own daughter lowered his head in shame. “I’m sorry” He said quietly. “Sorry or not you know the rules. You’re staying in my body for three days” She said and left the room. John crossed his arms. He waited to make sure his daughter was away. “Finally, i thought she would never leave” John smiled. “She can have my body as much as she wants. I’m going to stay here and enjoy my youth”. Read more

Summer break swap

John’s family stumbled upon an ancient medalion, capable of swapping bodies. They decided to experiment a bit and put their names in a bowl to see who is going to swap with whom. John draw out his daughter’s name. After everyone knew the person they will gonna swap with they started with the medalion and soon everyone was in a new body. John was unsure about being his daughter for the whole summer break but after a few days he started to like it. He didn’t have to go to work, his wife in his body now took care of that so John had a lot of time to enjoy his newly gained youth.
John loved trying on new clothes or hanging out with Sam’s friends without any worries about job and money. He especially enjoyed going to the pool. He loved to put on a bikini and show off this cute body. The only thing he regreted was that they didn’t found the medalion earlier. His wife noticed that John is taking the role of a daughter to seriously but she didn’t dig the topic and let him enjoy it while he still can. Read more

Go along with this

Andrew just got back from work. He went to the kitchen to grab himself a cold beer. As opened it he noticed his teenage daughter, Mandy curiously inspecting something. “What do you got there princess?” Andrew asked. “I just found it on my way home” She rised her hand, showing a strange medalion. “Let me see” Andrew reached his hand and as soon as he touch it he was sitting on a chair, looking back at himself. Long hair, tickling his neck immidiately caught his attention. The weight on his chest and some missing parts between his legs were also alarming. When he looked down, to his shock he found out he was now his daughter. Read more

Doing alright

Tony woke up and let out a big yawn. He scrached his head looking around the room. Still sleepy he got up and went to the bathroom. His morning routine sure has changed since the great shift put him in the body of his teenage daughter. He took off the nightgown and hoped into the shower. After washing his body and drying his hair he looked at the pile of clothes he prepared yesterday. He pulled the panties over his legs and put on the bra. Clasping the hooks he looked down and winced his face “Looks like i have to shave” He thought seeing his legs. After taking care of his legs he put on his jeans and top and started to brush his hair. Before leaving he made sure he had done everything right. Read more

It was a great idea

Robert and his daughter Nancy were going on a vacation trip. To make it more exciting they decided to change roles for the whole trip so they went to the body exchange clinic. When Robert woke up in his daughter’s body he was amazed how diffirent it felt to be a teenage girl. “It sure took you long to wake up princess” Nancy teased and then smiled. “Are you ready to go?” She asked. “Sure Daddy” Robert laughed at the fact that he is calling his old body daddy now. Read more

Playing her

“What’s the matter Kim?” Jessica asked. “Nothing” Kim said. “oh please, you’ve been acting strange lately, everyone noticed that. Not to mention your grades are top score now. How is that possible?” Jessica wondered. “I can assure you it’s really nothing. And studying seems to be easier recently” Kim explained. “If you say so. But still there’s something diffirent in you” Jessica said. “Let’s just change the topic. What do you think about this dress” Kim turned around showing the dress she tried on. “Looks good” Jessica aproved. Read more