Playing her

“What’s the matter Kim?” Jessica asked. “Nothing” Kim said. “oh please, you’ve been acting strange lately, everyone noticed that. Not to mention your grades are top score now. How is that possible?” Jessica wondered. “I can assure you it’s really nothing. And studying seems to be easier recently” Kim explained. “If you say so. But still there’s something diffirent in you” Jessica said. “Let’s just change the topic. What do you think about this dress” Kim turned around showing the dress she tried on. “Looks good” Jessica aproved.

Jessica had no idea that inside Kim’s body is John, Kim’s father. They swapped bodies due to a strange annomaly few weeks ago. They tried to find a way to swap back but with no effect. Kim asked her father to pretend to be her until they can swap back. From that day John had to dress up in her clothes she selected for him, put on her make up and try his best to imitate her. School was a piece of cake, the problem was dealing with her friends. John hated to act like his own daughter around other teenagers but he made a promise to keep her life intact.

John just hoped they could swap back very soon. He was starting to like this lifestyle and he was afraid he will completely become like his daughter. He took his phone to take a picture of the dress he picked up at the mall, wondering if Kim will like his choice.


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