Summer break swap

John’s family stumbled upon an ancient medalion, capable of swapping bodies. They decided to experiment a bit and put their names in a bowl to see who is going to swap with whom. John draw out his daughter’s name. After everyone knew the person they will gonna swap with they started with the medalion and soon everyone was in a new body. John was unsure about being his daughter for the whole summer break but after a few days he started to like it. He didn’t have to go to work, his wife in his body now took care of that so John had a lot of time to enjoy his newly gained youth.
John loved trying on new clothes or hanging out with Sam’s friends without any worries about job and money. He especially enjoyed going to the pool. He loved to put on a bikini and show off this cute body. The only thing he regreted was that they didn’t found the medalion earlier. His wife noticed that John is taking the role of a daughter to seriously but she didn’t dig the topic and let him enjoy it while he still can.

The summer break was ending and John knew he will have to give up this body. He didn’t want to, if only there was a way to keep it. John was playing with the medalion in his hands. “What if the medalion would suddenly disappear” A wide smile appeared on his face. He put it into the garbage can and later watched through the window as the garbage men empty it. The truck drove off with the medalion somewhere among the trash. John smirked and took a selfie to embrace this moment.
Later he denyed he knows anything about the medalion’s sudden disappearance. The family had it hard to accept their new roles. Well, maybe beside John, he alredy was thinking of himself as Samantha.


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