Doing alright

Tony woke up and let out a big yawn. He scrached his head looking around the room. Still sleepy he got up and went to the bathroom. His morning routine sure has changed since the great shift put him in the body of his teenage daughter. He took off the nightgown and hoped into the shower. After washing his body and drying his hair he looked at the pile of clothes he prepared yesterday. He pulled the panties over his legs and put on the bra. Clasping the hooks he looked down and winced his face “Looks like i have to shave” He thought seeing his legs. After taking care of his legs he put on his jeans and top and started to brush his hair. Before leaving he made sure he had done everything right.

In the kitchen his daughter Karen, now in the body of a hot woman was awaiting him. “Let me see” She said and carefully inspected him. “Great” she clapped her hands “You’re now truly a girl” She said. “Umm… Thanks” Tony blushed a little bit. “I’m really glad you decided to keep this body intact” Karen said. “I would never do anything wrong to my daughter’s body” Tony said. “Thanks, but remember it’s your body. You’re doing this for yourself”.
Karen was right. The great shift was irreversible and it’s better to start to think of this body as his own. After all he learned a lot about being a girl and it’s time to completely become Karen.


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