It was a great idea

Robert and his daughter Nancy were going on a vacation trip. To make it more exciting they decided to change roles for the whole trip so they went to the body exchange clinic. When Robert woke up in his daughter’s body he was amazed how diffirent it felt to be a teenage girl. “It sure took you long to wake up princess” Nancy teased and then smiled. “Are you ready to go?” She asked. “Sure Daddy” Robert laughed at the fact that he is calling his old body daddy now.

Their vacations went surprisingly well. Robert loved to be a young, beautifull girl and he hadn’t felt so happy since long ago. He enjoyed dressing up in pretty clothes and sometimes even he caught himself blushing when cute boys were smiling at him. Nancy also enjoyed their exchange. She even fell in love with a woman. Her name was Ellen. Nancy knew she wouldn’t keep the relationship in her teenage body so she asked her dad to extend their swap, at least for a couple more weeks so she could see where her relationship with Ellen is going. Robert agreed, it will give him the chance to see what his daughter’s life is actually like. And so they spend more time as eachother.

Robert enjoyed going to school as his daughter, he couldn’t understand why she complained so much about it. He started to like her friends, hanging out with them and having girls night at her friend’s house. He even had a crush on Aron, one boy from her class. Everytime before going to sleep he imagined cuddling with Aron and kissing him on the lips. He couldn’t help it, his girly heart fell in love.
Nancy was also doing great. Her relationship with Ellen was getting stronger by each day. It wasn’t a surpirse that she proposed. Soon she will marry her and at this point it looks like Robert and Nancy aren’t going to swap back. But it’s not like they mind it at all. Nancy and Robert were happy as eachother and they were glad they decided to use the body exchange clinic.


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