Go along with this

Andrew just got back from work. He went to the kitchen to grab himself a cold beer. As opened it he noticed his teenage daughter, Mandy curiously inspecting something. “What do you got there princess?” Andrew asked. “I just found it on my way home” She rised her hand, showing a strange medalion. “Let me see” Andrew reached his hand and as soon as he touch it he was sitting on a chair, looking back at himself. Long hair, tickling his neck immidiately caught his attention. The weight on his chest and some missing parts between his legs were also alarming. When he looked down, to his shock he found out he was now his daughter.

“Daddy?” His body asked with a trembling voice. “Princess? Is that you” He said hearing his daughter’s voice coming out from his mouth. “We swapped bodies!” They shouted. Andrew in Mandy’s body dropped the medalion on the floor. “I am you… And you’re me. That means” A smile was forming on her face. “I’m the boss now” She laughed. “Hold it right there. Just because you have my body dosen’t mean you can order me around” Andrew protested. “Really? And who’s going to stop me? You are my daughter now and you have to listen what i say. So did you finish your homework young lady?” Mandy was really enjoying her power. “Fine, but just for a few days. Then we are going back to our bodies”. Andrew said, he was also excited to expirience life as a young girl and be able to go back to school. They were both so busy about their new bodies that they didn’t notice the medalion on the floor was slowly vanishing. It looked like they will enjoy eachothers bodies for much longer than they expected.


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