A Family Swap (Part 1)

As I was listening to my dad, I couldn’t help but sigh. One of his invention malfunctioned and now I am in my mother’s body. It would have been fine if I had to stay like this for only a few minutes but apparently the machine was broken now…

” – I know it will be hard, but I should be able to fix the machine very soon, don’t worry”, my father said.
He had swapped bodies with my sister. It was very weird to see her speak like an adult.

” – In the meantime, I do hope we will do our best to keep up the appearances”, “she” said.
I didn’t think about that! I will have to pretend to be my mother now… Ugggh, I hope we won’t be stuck in this situation forever…
I glanced at my sister, in my dad’s body. She looked very uncomfortable. My mother, now in my body, looked very calm on the other hand.


” – As long as it’s not permanent, I guess I can lay back and enjoy this situation… Being a young man must be quite relaxing”, she thought.


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