One Big Reason

Lindsay’s father Peter hates her boyfriend Steve. He tells her all the time that she deserves better, that he isn’t going anywhere in life and that she should leave him. Every time he talks to her about it, she says there’s one big reason they’re still together but she can’t tell him why. Then the Great Shift hit. One second Peter was sitting on the couch watching TV, and the next he found himself in his daughter’s dorm room on all fours being penetrated. After a few moments of confusion he figured out that he was shifted into his daughter’s body while she was having sex with the unshifted Steve! Peter tried to turn around and tell him off but Steve’s huge penis was sending waves of pleasure through his body so all he could do was stare and let out a moan every now and then. Steve, of course, didn’t realize anything was wrong so he kept going strong. Eventually, Peter had an orgasm as Steve finished on his back. Thanks to the Great Shift, he got to experience firsthand why his daughter likes him so much.

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