You have to belive me

“Honey i know it’s hard but you have to belive me, it’s really me, Mark” Mark pleaded his wife. She was looking at him, still skeptical about the story she just heard. “You still don’t belive me, huh?” Mark said ready to give up on trying to convince her. His wife shook her head “There is no way this could be possible” She said. “But i’m telling the truth. I somehow miraculously swapped bodies with our daughter” Mark said, becoming frustrated.

It happened a few hours back. Mark and his daughter Jenny were at the grocery store. They had a small disagreement and few seconds later Mark was looking at his own face. Jenny who was now in his body laughed, saying she’s now the adult and she won’t take orders from him anymore. She went her way leaving Mark in her body. Mark was to shocked to follow after her. He needed some time to clear up his mind and before he came to terms with what happened Jenny was already gone. He tried to look for her but in a city like this it was almost impossible. To make things worse she didn’t answer her cellphone, no matter how many times he called. Hopeless, Mike decided to tell his wife what happened, maybe she would be able to help. Unfortunately she had a hard time beliving this whole story. She was certain it was some kind of a stupid joke.

Mark tried everything to convince his wife. When he finished telling her the story she let out a big sigh. “Jenny, if you think i’m stupid enough to belive it you’re terribly wrong. Just because you had a quarrel with your father again dosen’t mean you can make up such lies” She scolded him. “But… It’s the truth. I’m really…” Mark was interrupted by his wife. “Quit it already young lady! I have no time for your jokes! I belive you have better things to do right now, like doing your homework”. Mark lowered his head. “Ok” he said softly, staring at the floor. He slowly went to his daughter’s room and closed himself in. He shuddered when he lifted up his shirt and looked at his daughter’s breasts, covered by a pink, lace bra. “I hope this is only temporary. There is no way i can by stuck in her body forever”.


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