Please Stop Getting Bigger

Oh god, it just keeps getting bigger. These are my biggest pair of shorts and they’re halfway up my ass. I can’t let it get much bigger, but it’s only been a week and I’ve got from petite to… This.

“Black chicks with ghetto booties love giving head.” I tweeted as a joke. Apparently a witch was following me and didn’t like that tweet one bit. She DMed me and told me that I could find out how true that was. That night I was cursed, and in the moring I woke up at a tiny black girl. Everything else was the same, my family were still white, but everybody remembered me as Raquisha.

I messaged her and demanded she undo it, but I cussed her out when she told me she wouldn’t. Then she blocked me. So for the next week all I could do was live my life, but by day three I realized that my pants were fitting differently, and by day 4 I could tell that my ass had gotten bigger.

Now it’s day four and look at it. It’s gigantically. Easily the most noticeable part of me, and it keeps getting bigger. Desperate, I made a new twitter account to get around the witches block. I took a picture of my backside in the mirror and sent it to her in a DM.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. If you won’t change me back, please make it stop growing. I don’t want to be a horse :(“

After a few agonizing minutes with me on the verge of tears, regularly picking wedgies only to have them return a second later, I got a reply.

“lololol forgot to mention, you’ve got to give head to make it stop growing, sorry hon. It’s not going to get any smaller, so I’d start today. Enjoy the booty OH! and shopping for pants ;)”

So that’s that. I wrapped my head around the concept of sucking another guy’s… And on the daily. I struggled to accept that this would be my body, booty and all forever. MY ass was already so huge, and the chances that I’d be able to suck off a guy every day for the rest of my life without ever missing a day made it all by certain that it would just get bigger.


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