This is impossible; I can’t control them. This tiny piece of cloth definitely can’t restrain them. Well, but at least it’s true, in the water, I get some relief from their weight.

“Oh yeah, already starting the show?” He said mocking me from outside the pool.

“Fuck you, Stanley, it’s… it’s them… they are fucking huge. I didn’t want to… you know, put them out. This is so fucked up!”

“Come on, I’m sorry. I’m just kidding. Since you actually… Well, you are doing some shows and… yeah, sorry, it was an awful joke.” He said apologetically. “Can I do something to help?”

“Oh Yeah, undo this craziness. I’m tired of it; I don’t know if I can go on!” I whined.

“I would if I could, buddy. But last time you went to her and ask to change you back. Didn’t she make them even bigger?”

I only nodded. He was right; the gypsy wouldn’t change her mind, I am doomed to this.

“Well, it could be worse…” He sat by the pool, with his legs in the water.

“Worse? How? I lost my life, my job and I’m a woman now, with gigantic boobs! How can this be worse?”

“Well, technically you have another job already…”

“Yeah, at a strip club, shaking these things… The salary is lame, and half of it is to pay for custom made bras.”

“Well, you can do the other thing. How much did they offer? It was some good money, wasn’t it?”

“I won’t do porn, Stanley. I won’t! Yeah, this body, these freaking things on my chest are controlling my life now, but this is too much!”

“Well, sure, sure, I’m just saying… and since we… I thought that… well, you already broke the barrier of… you know… so I…”

I could feel my cheeks getting warm. “It was… it… I was curious… and this body… damn… sometimes it gets so… so horny… and well… it is different… you’re my friend and…”

“Sure, sure, I wasn’t comparing… Sorry, I didn’t want to embarrass you more…”

I didn’t answer, and an uncomfortable silence took place. He looked to the water. I tried to put the bikini top back.

“Well, at least, you have a place to stay, you can be here as long as you want…” He talked again, his hand moving in the water. “And… well… if you want… you can sleep in the master bedroom again…”

A wet sensation in between my legs and a pleasurable tingling in my huge nipples were the answer to his proposition. The body, one more time, had already made the decision. I know I would be sleeping with him again. Fuck! This body is indeed controlling my life.


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