Long Arm of the Law

Danny and Jordan were punks. They stole, vandalized, committed petty crimes, and generally acted like a two man crime wave, yet they were smart enough never to leave behind any conclusive evidence and therefore got away with everything they pulled. With Halloween coming up everybody was dreading what they’d pull next—-and then they egged the police captain’s house.

That was the last straw. The captain dug out some old books his father had passed down to him years earlier and read an incantation “for getting rid of troubles”. The book had been in the captain’s family for at least a century, but he certainly didn’t believe it did anything.

At least, not until a couple of his younger officers briefly dropped by the station on their way to a double date with “Danielle and Jordyn”. Apparently the two young ladies were very appreciative of the officers—-and were looking forward to trying out the handcuffs Danielle was playing with.


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