I was born in 1810 as a man named Joseph. My life didn’t differ from the others until I found out about my powers. I had the ability to drain youth from women while having sex. At first I was afraid of using it but the eternal youth was too tempting. So i begin to seduce women only to have sex and drain their youth for myself. I wasn’t curel so i only took a bit of it from each woman i slept with. Enough for them to not notice and enough for me to keep myself in my thirtees and twenties.

I don’t know how many women i slept with. After 50 years i stopped counting. I lived my life for this one purpose, traveling from town to town only to have sex with women and then leave the them alone while looking for another. I was a cheap bastartd but i didn’t feel guilty.

Doing it all these years i thought that i could get away with it but finally I got what I deserved. It was in 2001 I met a cute lady. Just like usually we ended up in bed but something weird happened. My power didn’t work on her. It appers that she was a witch who hunted for me for about 100 years. She casted a spell on me which turned me into a baby girl.

It’s been 16 years since then. My name is now Emily and I’m living as a girl. I finally got my lesson but there is still much more to learn. I realize now that I was a bad person especially after expiriencing the bad things i’ve done on my own skin. You see there is a boy at my school i had a crush on. I know it sounds weird for a ladyman like myself to have a crush on a boy but that’s the part of the curse. Not only my body but my mind is also girly. So one day the boy asked me out. You can’t imagine how happy I was, it was like a dream come true. Sure it sound stupid and naive bur I’m just a teenage girl.

We dated for some time until he asked me for something more than a kiss. I was reluctant at first but I was afraid i might lose him so I agreed. After we had sex he stopped calling and avoided me. I realized he used me just like I was using the women for all this time. It felt bad but I finally learned some humility.


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