Hot for Teacher

Jack was hot for his history teacher, Mrs. May, and one day while doing the reading for her class, he wished he knew what she was doing at that moment. Suddenly he was feeling weird, and staring at a big naked muscular and hairy man, the principal and her husband, Mr. Charles May. He had never seen Principal May naked before, nor had he ever wanted to, but in a weird way, for some reason he was looking attractive.

Jack looked down, almost frozen in place, and seen his teacher’s tight blue top and funky colored heels, her long hair, and her boobs, and her flat crotch signifying the fact that he now had her equipment as well. The pink cardigan and long floral skirt were on the floor by the living room couch, along with her blue panties. She was undressing for sex with her husband, and Jack realized he got his wish, he knew exactly what she was doing, he was her!

He looked back at the principal who was smiling at him and shaking his big hard cock, Jack’s eyes now fixated on that growing sturdy member, almost mesmerized by it’s size and thickness, all brought about by his appearance, his new sexy body as Mrs. Melody May. Jack rubbed his new large round exposed ass, realizing his skin was so soft now, like a woman’s, only to realize he was a woman. It felt weird having all that long hair hanging off his head, thought it was soft and silky, and the weight of two sensitive and ample breasts, though they were soft, and plush. His feet were a little uncomfortable, and rightfully so, she had been wearing those heels all day at school probably, he remembered noticing their weird colors when he went to her history class in the afternoon. His feet were sore and sweaty, and kind of big for a girl, then again he just remembered Mrs. May did have big feet, after all she was a tall gal. Her hands were tiny however, and he noticed the wedding ring right away, signifying her marriage to the principal, now his marriage to the principal.

Jack didn’t know what to do, or how to swap back, or even if he could. He had to resist the principal, but then again, it seemed the more he stared at him the sexier and attractive he looked. He had to look away, he was having his own teacher’s urges, the urges of a straight married woman for her man, her husband, her male partner in life. Then a wave of desire washed over him, perhaps it was her sex drive and the hormones, but he just had to give in. After all he was a woman, he was a man, this wouldn’t be considered gay or anything, not that there was anything wrong with that.

Jack whispered to himself, hearing his teacher’s sexy voice, “Oh fuck it, when in Rome!”

“Principal May, come and get me,” said Jack, ready for sex with a man, but wanting it to come easier by Mr. May making the first move, or thrust perhaps.

“Principal May? Ok, there History Teacher Mrs. May,” said Mr. May finding that name reference kind of kinky.

Soon Jack was being fucked by his own principal as his own history teacher, as wave after wave of hot internal pleasure coursed through his new body. He couldn’t believe he was a chick being fucked by a dude, but there he no SHE was. She just wished she had taken off her shoes, they hurt so much now, she might have blisters, and he wondered why she had her bare feet in them instead of hose or those non-visible socks chicks wear or something. As she began to sweat, her face got hot from all the hair, her boobs were perspiring in their bra, and her pussy was sweaty and wet for the sex she was receiving. Her feet were starting to stick even more than they already had to the shoes too, sweating in those tight pumps and sore all over.

When the principal announced he was about to cum, Jack did the unthinkable, taking a note from all the porn he had watched secretly on his tablet at home.

“Oh put it on me baby,” said Jack, turning around and sliding to his knees, letting his heels pop off a bit to air out and relive the pain. Any smell his new feet gave off was overridden by the manly scent of the principal’s hot cum spewing all over his face, hair, top, and boobs. With that, Jack exploded in an intense squirting orgasm, spraying his legs with pussy juices.

Later Jack would find the teacher had wondered what he was doing and made a similar wish so they both wished and the same time and swapped. They tried again, and again, but to no avail, so would have to live each other’s lives. Jack secretly was not disappointed at all, and didn’t want to switch back to begin with, but was trying to be fair to Mrs. May to at least try. He was glad he could keep her sexy form, but from now on would be wearing tights or hose with heels, it was far to uncomfortable not to. Not only that but he just loved the feeling of pantyhose on his smooth sexy long legs.


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