A ticket or a Titijob

Requeste of: @Toasty

My name is Brenden, and for some years I’ve worked as a guard, I’ve always been very good at my job, so I’m happy with my career.
It was another common day, I was on guard at a concert, nobody without a ticket could pass, and it happened. I did my job very well until he appeared!
A man tried to enter the concert without a ticket, and logically, I stopped him, but I realized he was doing something strange near the fence, I thought he was trying to break in, so I went to him!
The man quickly whips out his dick! I was surprised, and did not know how to react, so I felt something strange! I felt my hair growing, but it was still short, but it was softer, feminine, and blond! I started to get smaller, my skin became softer. My clothing, which before was wide, begins to tighten once more. My pants turned into a skirt, which was soon filled with my new soft round ass! My underwear turned into a very small panties, and my penis that was tight inside the panties grew smaller, until it became a pussy!
I felt my body changing, I was feminine and cute!
While my breasts were still growing, that man sent me to make a titijob, at first I refused, but as my breasts grew, my desire to satisfy that man also grew! I opened some buttons of my uniform, and I put his cock in the middle of my breasts, feel that hot and hot cock was really making me horny! I did my job until he cum all over my body!
I went back to work, still dirty cum! That man, whom I can only call master.
He said that at the end of the concert he would come back to get me, and so he did! After enjoying the show all night, he took me to his house! Well, I think I got a new job, and I think being a sex slave is better than a guard!


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