Your Either With Us or With Us

Jack, Tim, and Georgio, said that either Clarence was with them or with them. Clarence didn’t understand that reference, wouldn’t he not be with them if he decided to not be? That made no sense, but soon it would. Jack explained he meant that if Clarence wasn’t with them in the business, a rather shady one in fact, then he would be with them anyway, still serving them in “some” regard.

When Clarence flat out refused, there was suddenly a flash, and when he realized what was “up”, it was the penises of Jack, Tim, and Georgio that were “up”, aroused at his sexy new female form. Clarence found he was riding Jack in an unfamiliar place, while he was holding Tim’s cock in his new tiny hand. Behind him, in his butt, must then be Georgio, who was pulling on his now long hair as well.

Clarence was in waves of confusion and foreign pleasure all at the same time, but judging by how his changed body felt and looked, and hearing his own new moans, he realized he must somehow be a she now, and the three guys were having their way with him in some kind of twisted group sex session.

“Ugh, what is going on here guys,” asked Clarence in his higher voice.

“What is going on here with us guys is that since you didn’t join our business, you are no longer a guy, but your female servant from now on. You are now Clara, and you are still with us, only not an actual part of the business, just the pleasure service for the stresses of said business. You’re payment is we don’t kick you out on the street with no ID, and no one ever believing you were Clarence looking like you do now. We made Clarence appear to be dead by an accident, so no one will be looking for him. Welcome to your new career and life Clara, may you find our cocks as tasty as we find our “shady” business deals.

With that all three men exploded in orgasm, giving Clara her first female orgasm herself, with Tim exploding in his new face, while Jack in his pussy, and Georgio in his ass.

“Funny thing is Clara, as Clarence you said you always liked extra cream with your coffee here at the office, so now you’re getting extra cream with your men, sounds like a fair trade, wouldn’t you say boys,” said Jack.

Jack high fived Tim and Georgio as they smiled and agreed, glad to have their newest business conquest to relieve their stress from business. Now the only business Clara would have was pleasing her new bosses. Though the sex felt weird and wonderful, Clara thought perhaps she should have taken the offer to join their business ventures instead.


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