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Final cum shot

“mmmm that’s it honey, this is it your final fuck as a man. cum for me, shoot your bolt for the very last time. You’re going to become one of us.” Read more

The machine

I was enraptured, this was so intense, so amazing. I could feel the pleasure rise, my new pussy was so hot like lava and so so wet too. Read more

Genie Series #32. @Captainboobs

“Hey genie. Jim here wanting to be able to go into the ladies changing rooms without anyone noticing anything out of the ordinary. Thanks.” Jim asked Genie. “Well, this one is an easy one to grant Jim. Wish Granted” she said, and faded away. Read more

Last chance.

This is it, the very last chance to back out, change my mind and not go through with this. I can still push this guy away, his cock is only tickling the entrance of my pussy, it isn’t too late. Read more