Last chance.

This is it, the very last chance to back out, change my mind and not go through with this. I can still push this guy away, his cock is only tickling the entrance of my pussy, it isn’t too late.

But I want this.

The spell was very specific. It would allow me the chance for 24 hours to be a woman. A whole day in the body I would have had if I was born the other sex, changing back to my regular male self so long as I didn’t get penetrated.

But this day has been exquisite. The feeling of actual breasts adorning my front, jiggling as I move, bouncing as I walk, is incredible.

Having female sensitive nipples that grow hard in the cold, that sent throbs of pleasure from being rubbed and tweaked was awesome.

The feeling of estrogen flowing through my being, the warmth and sensuality of being woman, is all truly divine.

There’s no way I can go back, I can’t give this up. I have to do this, correct the mistake made years ago when I was born with a penis and not a vagina.

I have to remain female.


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