The final time I saw my penis

Oh my god, it’s happening, it’s happening, I’m becoming a girl, a full on woman! If I didn’t believe it before, then this sight is helping to make me believe.

This contraption I’m resting on is the key, I don’t know the exact origins of it or anything, I just got told the very basics by the woman in the shop. She told me it would give me what I wanted, what I desired.

I set up my camera to record this, I wanted to document exactly stage by stage as it was happening.

I sat down on it after stripping naked as directed and felt a warmth spread up as it seemed to power on. The warmth seemed to pulse around my bloodstream going from head to toe.

Suddenly I felt a tickling sensation as my hair grew and hit my shoulders. I watched as the hairs on my arms and legs and chest seemed to get lighter and less coarse before disappearing away. Wow it’s changing me, it really is, could this really do it? Could it change me completely? I thought to myself.

I felt little shocks of pain across different parts of my body, namely my shoulders, torso and hips as the sound of bones cracking echoed around the room. I could feel myself shrink slightly and seem to get a little more slender, lighter even.

My mouth gaped open, this machine is unbelievable!

I gasped as I felt a tingling, concentrated on my pecs. Oh my! I thought. I watched dumbfounded as my nipples first darkened and enlarged before moving further out from my chest. I was doing it, I was growing breasts, actual real female breasts all of my own! I felt them shake and jiggle as they grew out, they seemed so big!

I looked down my body, warped and changed almost beyond all recognition. Almost. There was one thing which remained, the very essence of my manliness.

The anticipation was intense, I was so desperate for the final change to begin. And then it happened.

I felt my penis and testicles ache and tingle slightly. The balls shriveled and popped away first before I felt my cock begin to do the same.

My mouth gaped open once more as a rush of pleasure started flowing through me. “It’s truly happening!” I cried aloud “I’m going to have a vagina!”

Looking back this is the picture I love the most, this is the moment that I’m seeing my penis for the final time right as it gets sucked back into my body and my vagina develop in its place. It highlights the sheer shock and joy that I’m finally crossing over into womanhood, that my dream has finally come true.


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