It’s gone.

Oh my goodness, it’s gone, it’s actually gone!

My dick…. The part of me that made me male is no more.

Never again will I feel my cock as it rises, hardening and stiffening like granite as I get aroused. Never again will I feel the familiar pulse and throb as I get close to the edge. Never again will I shoot a fat warm load of spunk out. Heck I don’t even have the equipment to produce sperm anymore!

What I have though is much better. A vagina. A pussy. The configuration of woman.

I have now soft velvety lips and a warm wet hole. I have an opening to take penetration, be the receiver of a man and take his seed. I have the capabilities of multiple feminine orgasms now, orgasms powerful enough to radiate through my entire being.

Looking down, I don’t feel loss, I feel adulation. I’m finally a woman, finally female. I’m a girl like my mother, like I always should have been. This is so amazing!


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