Now I’m better

Yup it’s definitely gone. My manhood, my cock, my balls…. They’re not there anymore.

I’ve had them my whole life but in the space of a few minutes they are no more.

30 years I’ve been male, 30 years I’ve been cursed with having a penis and testicles. Cursed with having testosterone coursing through my body.

I knew that there had to be a way, somehow. There must be something I could do to purge myself of this curse.

And I was right, I found the answer.

Now my curse is lifted. Now instead of hard flat lines, I have a wonderfully soft curvy form. I have sensitive jiggling breasts, wide hips and a round bum. Now I have estrogen flowing through me, filling me with joy.

And now when I look down, I see this. I see a vagina. I see womanhood. I see what I should always seen. But most of all I see I’m cured.

I was a man, but now I’m better


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