The machine

I was enraptured, this was so intense, so amazing. I could feel the pleasure rise, my new pussy was so hot like lava and so so wet too.

This machine is awesome!!!

When I first acquired it, I barely believed what it was said it could do. It could change a person’s gender, it could turn a man into a woman.

I was more than just a bit curious. This was what I’d dreamt of my whole life!!

I stripped and turned it on, placing it between my legs as directed.

Instantly I felt something come up and clamp on my cock, it was pulling and squeezing it and at first I was in quite a lot of pain. Then it happened.

At once it began to push, went up and into me and I felt something open up… Down there….

Oh God it was going to happen!!!

I could feel the hole deepen and then the machine started to vibrate. As it vibrated, pulses of warmth began firing off into me.

Pleasure began to spread around my body as I felt myself changing.

I could feel my entire body shrink down and reduce in stature. I was becoming slender, more elegant and feminine in figure.

I felt my skin get soft and silky and my body hair less coarse. My head got heavier as the hair there grew and grew.

Then the last changes.. I felt my nipples get exceptionally hard, the hardest they’ve ever been as they then grew outwards. I could see the areola widen and change colour slightly.

My chest then started to jiggle and I noticed my nipples start to bounce. A little at first and then more and more as flesh began to expand behind them. My nipples began to get pushed further away from the rest of me.

I gasped and panted, the pleasure waves grew more in intensity. I sensed I was close, close to the edge. Then it happened.

My body felt like it had exploded in ecstasy as the ripples of orgasm ripped through me.

The machine powered down and a silence filled the room, punctured only by my heavy breaths.

Wow, I thought. That was my first female orgasm and it was so incredible! Somehow I think I’m going to love being a girl!!!


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