Genie Series #32. @Captainboobs

“Hey genie. Jim here wanting to be able to go into the ladies changing rooms without anyone noticing anything out of the ordinary. Thanks.” Jim asked Genie. “Well, this one is an easy one to grant Jim. Wish Granted” she said, and faded away.

Jim was at a department store, he had picked up some clothes for himself. but weird enough, he hadn’t noticed he had picked up a pink blouse. He went into the changing room, thinking he had entered the men’s room. “Wait, what is this doing here?” he asked himself as he held the pink blouse. “Well, might as well” he whispered as he took his shirt off and tried the pink clothing on him. “It is a women’s blouse” he said as he saw how he didn’t fill the chest area in the mirror.

But right then, he saw how his chest inflated. “Cool” he said. He took a quick peak inside of it, and saw breasts. Everything about his appearance was of a man, he just had breasts. He covered his face, and walked out of the changing room, looking some more girly clothes to try. After picking some shorts and some girl’s hat. He went into the same changing room. He took his pants off, and tried wearing some panties and shorts. Same thing happened, a few seconds later, he was his ass fill up the shorts. And his legs become soft and smooth. He couldn’t help but smile. He tried the hat, he didn’t like how it looked, after taking it off, long blonde hair fell from his head.

If it wasn’t for his face and arms, he would be mistaken for a woman. He walked out again, looking for some sunglasses, and gloves. He tried both on, and in no time, his face became feminine, and his hands too. All the changes had him forget about what defined him as a man the most. So he finally took a look, his equipment was gone, replaced by a slit. He couldn’t help but smile. He quickly looked for his phone, and snapped a picture. “My first day as a woman” he thought. “Jim isn’t a girl’s name” she whispered, “Jane sounds more like it”. She then walked to the cashier, where she paid for her new clothes.

Since that day, she has been going into the girls changing room, where she fits perfectly. And not only that, she has gone into girl’s bathrooms, girl’s locker rooms, and best of all girl’s night out with some new friend’s she had just met.


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