Some things are better left alone at the beach

I can breathe again! What the hell happened? One moment I picked up an oily black blob at the beach, the next it jumped at me and covered my whole body with its substance. Even my head.

As soon as it had me encapsuled within itself it began to work on my body. I could feel how it began to plump up my ass, shrinking my dick into a vagina, creating fat and juicy breasts on my chest. My waist feel really thin! Same with the arms. But my legs feel bigger, at least my thighs.
With the black stuff away from my face I noticed the beautiful red hair on my head. Putting my dainty fingers to my face I felt my full lips and soft skin.
My voice was soft and breathy.
I was the embodiment of my own female fantasies.


Three days and seven hours earlier, in a facility close to the beach a research project from the government had disappeared. It´s function was to create the perfect camouflage for field operatives but was still in the prototype stage. So far the substance just have bonded with its host, extracted the most vivid memory of a another body to have a new template to morph into and then going inert.

In Martin´s case, the transformee at the beach, the substance managed to go very deep with its memory extraction. He would soon discover that his fantasies of a horny redhead with some kinky desires would all come true.


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  1. I am Brandon from Indiana new to this site. My girlfriend is named amy she is bisexual and love huge tits pretty women but she dick to. She says wishes I could transform into a women for a few months instead of her going out with women 2 . So I am wondering if u could transform a guy named Brandon a busty women she would get a kick out of it I know it. I have some ideas on the ladies would u do of these chicks please. Lara jones from scoreland, Leanne crow, teresa fowler, or September carrino. Maybe if u could show the huge tits and pussy and I will to her what u think of my new body baby also put some kinky captions for she will also love that Thanks men from brandon

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